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Confined Space Tank Cleaning

Amber Industrial Services (AIS) performed oil filtration and confined space tank cleaning at the Cogen central utility plant for a Cal State UC. The turbine oil reservoir was processed utilizing totes and filtration equipment to remove all oil for scheduled preventative maintenance.

We removed hard particulate contamination from the tank. The turbine oil was filtered to an ISO code of 15/14/10 (lowest). AIS technicians, UC staff, and the Solar Turbines staff consistently communicated throughout the project to ensure all safety measures and procedures were adhered to during the project’s duration. We would greatly appreciate the UC team who helped us conduct our job safely and efficiently, and we look forward to working with them in the future!

Oil Filtration of SHELL TURBO GX 32

The new Shell Turbo GX 32 was filtered in each tote and through multiple 1-micron element filters when pumped into the cleaned tank. Learn more about Oil Purification.

Filtered fresh shell oil using our oil purification process

Filtered fresh shell oil using our oil purification process.

Unit Details

  • Oil Type: SHELL TURBO GX 32
  • Total Gallons : 1,000 gal
  • Pump/Valve Styles: Variable Piston/Proportional

Beginning Oil Analysis Results

  • Visual: Bright and Clear
  • ISO Cleanliness Code: 18/15/11

Ending Oil Analysis Results

  • Visual: Bright and Clear
  • ISO Cleanliness Code: 15/14/10

ISO Cleanliness Code Dirt Calculation
Based on a 30gpm rate, 18hrs/day

  • Starting ISO Code: 18/15/11
    Annual Dirt Pumped Through System: 111.54 lbs @ 4 micron in size
  • Ending ISO Code: 15/14/10
    Annual Dirt Pumped Through System: 14.27 lbs @ 4 micron in size

Equipment on site

Our state-of-the-art mobile equipment handled every aspect of the project. All services were performed on-site, including safe pumping and management of old oil, confined space tank cleaning equipment, and filtering and testing the new oil to meet OEM cleanliness specifications.


Tank Cleaning

All oil was safely pumped out of the system reservoir and placed into totes provided by AIS to be removed from the site.

Confined Space Tank Cleaning

Our techs enter the tank to begin the manual cleaning process including removing any remaining hard particulates and sludge from every surface.

Clean and Happy Tank!

The tank is cleaned and ready to add the freshly filtered Shell oil. Scheduled service and oil purification greatly increases turbine efficiency and extends the life of the equipment.

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