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Maximize asset performance and reliability

Fluid analysis is a diagnostic, preventative maintenance tool for monitoring and evaluating lubricant, fuel and equipment conditions.

It allows you to maximize asset performance and reliability by identifying minor problems before they become major failures. Analysis provides information on the three key categories: lubricant/fuel properties, contamination and wear debris.

Oil analysis and fuel analysis are inherently different, however when utilized effectively, both will help ensure reliability and reduce maintenance expenses.

Oil is the “lifeblood” of machines and equipment.

Routine testing and analysis can show you how the condition of a particular lubricant can affect equipment performance and, ultimately, your bottom line.

Oil analysis with Amber Industrial Services can extend oil drain intervals, extend equipment life, identify minor problems before they become major failures, and maximize asset reliability.

Oil contamination is the #1 cause of lubricant-related machine failure and lubricant degradation.

Implementing an oil management program is the first step to establishing a world class lubrication program and drastically decreasing your machinery downtime.

Oil Analysis

An oil management program in conjunction with our oil filtration and vacuum dehydration services will increase machinery reliability and production efficiency.

With fewer lubricant related failures and rebuilds your engineering team will be able to accomplish more of the projects throughout the year.

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