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Our wide array of flushing and cleaning services will help you and your team
plan and execute your next project, outage or turnaround in time and under budget.

Planned or Emergency, We Have You Covered

High Velocity Flushing

Reduce unscheduled downtime at the lowest cost possible. Our Flushing Program is built around ASTM D 6439 and designed to effectively remove dirt and other accumulated particles from the critical internal components of lubrication systems.

Oil Reservoir Flushing & Cleaning

From years of neglect and contamination and sludge build up to cleaning out the nooks and crannies during an outage, we have the ability to get your oil reservoirs back into service no matter the condition.   AIS offers both entry and non-entry oil reservoir flushing and cleaning services.

Fuel Tank Flushing & Cleaning

From algae and microorganism growth build up to preparing a tank for a new fuel type, we have the ability to get your fuel tank back into service no matter the condition. AIS offers both entry and non-entry fuel tank flushing and cleaning services.

Heat Transfer System Flushing & Filtration

Increase system efficiency and productivity. Extended periods of use without maintenance can cause coking, sludge build up and a high level of pentane insolubles. These conditions reduce the efficiency of the system and require more resources to keep production running.

Outage, Turnaround & Project Services

We have the experience, equipment and capability to help you tackle your next outage, turnaround or project with ease. AIS is a single source for your industrial fluid service related needs.

Cutting Oil and Coolant Maintenance Services 

Increase the life and health of your metal working fluids utilizing our service. We can help you with your neat oils, synthetic coolants, Semi-synthetic coolants and soluble oils.  From chip cleanouts to new coolant change outs we can provide a turnkey solution.

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