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We Have You Covered – Purifying Your Leakage Oil & Saving You Money

Waste oil disposal fees and new oil expenses from a continuous leak wreak havoc on a budget. Leaks develop in equipment over time, or suddenly for various reason, typically occuring at the most in-opportune time. Production schedules are king and sometimes it is not practical to repair the leak until a major shutdown is possible.

Segregation and collection of these leaked oils is key to their ability to be reclaimed.  Proper segregation and control will allow our team to purify your oil for re-use in your equipment and mitigate the waste generated by your facility.

Leakage oil purification leads to vast immediate savings; reduction or termination of new oil purchases, and waste oil disposal fees.

Leakage oil and waste mitigation

  • Maintain Production Schedules
  • Segregate and collect leaked oils
  • Purify oils for reuse
  • Eliminate Extra oil & disposal COSTS
Call us to discuss your waste oil collection methodology, and see if we can help you start saving money today.

Snapshot of Benefits

Substantial Dollar Savings

Reclaiming oil versus purchasing new oil will have an immediate impact on your budget. The decreased per gallon charge coupled with eliminating the disposal cost will reduce your total expense.

Reclaimable Fluids

Hydraulic oil, turbine oil, gear oil, circulating oil, EHC fluids, fire resistant oil, metal cutting fluids, quench oil, and more.

Environmental Protection

Decrease your carbon footprint by reclaiming your oil and decrease your environmental impact by eliminating disposal of contaminated fuel.