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Our wide array of oil purification, filtration and reclamation services will help you and your team plan and execute your next project, outage or turnaround in time and under budget.

Planned or Emergency, We Have You Covered

Oil Purification Reclamation

Oil reclamation is the number one way that maintenance teams around the world can reduce their lubricant expense and increase their equipment reliability. We have the ability to remove all types of contaminates; dirt, wear metals, water, varnish, gasket material, etc.  Contact us to see how we can help you allocate fewer resources to your lubricants.

Oil Analysis

Oil analysis is a diagnostic and preventative maintenance tool for monitoring and evaluating lubricant and equipment conditions. It will help determine if oil reclamation is needed, or if your equipment is on the verge of failure.

Leakage Oil & Waste Mitigation

Don’t let your leaks and equipment failures significantly impact your lubrication budget. Leakage oil or contaminated oil from equipment failure is the perfect way to decrease your lubricant spending, treat your oil like an asset and not an expense.

Oil Reclamation Equipment Rental

Our fleet of rental equipment is ready for immediate delivery to your site to help your team get production back online. From vacuum dehydrators to centrifuges to varnish removers to filtration skids and carts, we have what you need.

Heat Transfer Fluid Maintenance & Flushing

Reduce unscheduled downtime at the lowest cost possible. Our Flushing Program is built around ASTM D 6439 and designed to effectively remove dirt and other accumulated particles from the critical internal components of lubrication systems.

Oil Reservoir Flushing & Cleaning

From years of neglect, contamination, and sludge build up to cleaning out the nooks and crannies during an outage, we have the ability to get your oil reservoirs back into service no matter the condition. AIS offers both entry and non-entry oil reservoir flushing and cleaning services.


  • Remove dirt and water from your oil for a fraction of the cost of new oil.
  • Leakage oil and waste mitigation recycles your captured oil, reclaims it and gives it back to you.
  • Oil analysis services will help you predict equipment failure before they happen.
  • Equipment available for rent or lease including filter skids, vacuum dehydrators, and more!
  • Specializing in heat transfer system cleaning and flushing.
  • Oil tank and reservoir flushing and cleaning will keep your oil happy by making the inside of your reservoir like new.
  • Our Filtration & Purification equipment will work on Hydraulic oil, Turbine oil, Gear oil, Circulating oil, Heat Transfer oil, Compressor oil, Fire Resistant fluid, EHC fluid, Synthetic oil, PAG oil, PAO oil, POE oil, and more.