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Offering a full line of lubricants, fuels, additives, and solutions



Our team of certified lubricant specialists (STLE and DFLTS) provide technical expertise to help protect your equipment, increase equipment reliability, reduce costs, and improve operations.

  • Full Analysis of Your Lubricant Program
  • Product Application and Rationalization
  • Storage and Handling
  • Laboratory Sample Analysis
  • Lubricant Reclamation Services

Our goal is to provide lubricant solutions in addition to our line of  lubricant products, call to day to find out how we can support your team.


Fuels: Diesel & Gasoline

As a leading fuel distributor in Southern California, we can meet your specific fuel requirements from full load to 100 gallons and anything in between. We will accommodate 24 x 7 x 365 delivery windows.

You determine how, when and where. We welcome specific and complex requirements. Our fuel pricing is completely transparent with a fixed margin per gallon on top of a published index – no “black box” pricing.

Amber 363-II Low Emissions Fuel

Our clean, stand-by alternative Low Emissions Fuel is a virtual drop-in replacement for #2 diesel with little, if any, capital investment required. This clear fuel produces NOx emissions equal to or lower than the primary fuel, and is more cost effective than methanol or propane in most cases. Learn more about Amber 363 specifications and performance comparisons.

Schroeder Industries Logo

Advanced Fluid Conditioning Solutions

Schroeder Industries is a leader in fluid conditioning technology. With over 65 years of filtration experience, Schroeder designs, manufactures and markets innovative filtration solutions for hydraulic, lubrication, fuel and process systems.

We are a distributor of Schroeder Industries.


We are a Distributor of Penray Additives

Fuel Algae Biocide

Penray Fuel Prep™ Biocide quickly stops microbial activity in the tank before the fuel works its way into a vehicle, ensuring that the engine runs smoothly and the entire system is protected from any side effects of microbial activity.

Features and Benefits:

Penray Biocide

  • Fast acting single dose biocide
  • Stops 90% of microbial activity in as little as 6 hours
  • Protects the entire fuel system from corrosion caused by microbial growth
  • Helps prevent fuel filter plugging to reduce maintenance costs and prevent downtime
  • Effective in all diesel fuels, including ULSD and Biodiese
Air Sentry

We Are A Distributor of Air Sentry Desiccant Breathers

Air Sentry® Contamination Control Breathers replace existing breather caps or air vents on fluid holding tanks, reservoirs and gearboxes. Most older style air venting methods provide minimal if any contamination control.

Air Sentry® breathers provide the first line of defense in contamination control methodology utilizing patented designs and featuring color indicating silica gel and self cleaning 2-micron filtration.

Air Sentry® desiccant breathers are ideal in many industries including industrial, production, power generation, and many others because of their flexibility for use on tanks, reservoirs, transformers, pumps, and motors. Replace current breather caps to provide clean, contamination free air into your system.

Oil Safe Logo

Oil Safe

The Oil Safe® system helps companies with their oil and lube storage and dispensing, and is the first line of defense in your contamination control program.

Replace rusty old metal oil cans and milk cartons with the Oil Safe® system to keep your fluids clean and help eliminate costly contamination.

With 10 different lid colors, lubricants can be quickly identified reducing the risk of adding the wrong fluid to expensive mission-critical equipment.

Additionally the Oil Safe containers have O-ring sealed lids and twist-to-open pour spouts so your team will limit the risk of spilling the product, skin contact, or environmental contaminants in the lubricant. The translucent color of the hand held containers also aids in visually maintaining and measuring liquid levels, and has a corresponding symbol to address the needs of color-blind users.

  • Protects valuable lubricants from contamination.
  • Minimizes the risk of dangerous and costly oil spills and leakage.
  • Makes lubrication work easier, faster, and safer.

Committed to superior service

We provide industrial lubricant solutions to help customers increase the profitability and reliability of their equipment.

Our fleet of portable filtration equipment units and experienced operators respond to your most critical lubrication maintenance needs in a timely, professional manner.

As a member of the Amber Resources family, you can choose one vendor for all of your lubricant, fuel, mil-spec, solvent, cardlock and fluid reclamation needs!