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Varnish Mitigation

Amber Industrial Services (AIS) performed oil filtration of the Central Utility Plant of a major metropolitan international airport while in operation. Over the course of a month, the turbine oil reservoir was processed using custom high heat connections and filtration equipment to filter the varnish and sludge with zero downtime.

Varnish mitigation oil comparison

Varnish mitigation oil comparison

The objective of the project was to mitigate the damaging effects of Sludge & Varnish using Electrophysical Separation Process™ (ESP) technology. AIS filtered the turbine oil using high efficiency depth media down to 3 microns. This process dramatically reduces the sludge, varnish, and organic oil degradation products that stick to and impair machinery. This type of filtration maintains excellent system cleanliness and extends the life of the oil.

Turbine Oil Reservoir

The turbine oil was filtered to a UC value of 1 and an MPC value of 3(lowest).  

Unit Details

  • Oil Type: CASTROL AERO J5
  • Total Gallons: 220 gallons
  • Pump/Valve Styles: Variable Piston/Proportional

Final Oil Analysis Results

  • Visual: Bright and Clear
  • Ultra Centrifuge Test: 1
  • Membrane Patch Colorimetry: 3

Equipment Onsite

Using onsite mobile equipment, we were able to remove hard particulate contamination from the tank. AIS technicians and all Central Utility Plant and Solar Turbines staff consistently communicated throughout the project to ensure all safety measures and procedures were adhered to during the project duration.