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Oil Reclamation

Amber Industrial Services (AIS) performed oil reclamation services for a Southern California Power Plant. Six GE GT10 gas turbine units were processed using vacuum dehydration and filtration equipment to remove water and hard particulate contamination.

AIS was pleased with the outcome of the project. We were able to remove water and particulate contamination from the turbines. The oil was purified to an ISO cleanliness code of 15/14/10 and a water content of 0ppm.

We thank the team at the Power Plant who helped us conduct our job safely and efficiently, and look forward to working with them in the future!

Detail of Oil Analysis

Oil reclamation

Oil reclamation comparison

Beginning Oil Analysis Results

  • Visual: Emulsified Water and particulates
  • ISO Cleanliness Code: 20/19/17
  • Water Content (PPM): 521

Ending Oil Analysis Results

  • Visual: Bright and Clear
  • ISO Cleanliness Code: 15/14/10
  • Water Content (PPM): 0

ISO Cleanliness Code Dirt Calculation
Based on a 30gpm rate, 18hrs/day

Starting ISO Code: 20/19/17
Annual Dirt Pumped Through System:
446.19 lbs @ 4 micron in size

Ending ISO Code: 15/14/10
Annual Dirt Pumped Through System:
14.27 lbs @ 4 micron in size

Continuous On-Site Testing

The project continuously used a Hydro Scout on-Site test kit to quantify the water in used oil (waste oil) and other hydrocarbon matrixes. After completion, the filtered oil yielded results of 0 PPM – evidence that water was successfully removed from both turbine oil tanks.


Equipment on site

AIS mobile equipment used throughout the entire project. Our vacuum dehydrator heats the oil, removes water, and filters the oil.



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