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Oil Flushing Services

A manufacturing plant experienced an emergency shutdown from a mechanical failure that resulted in metal debris being distributed throughout its system. Amber Industrial Services (AIS) arrived on site with the personnel and equipment to perform immediate High Velocity Flushing (HVF) service to restore the system.

The plant’s compressor required the following services:

  1. Main Auxiliary pump flush
  2. PSV Relief flush
  3. Crank Case flush

AIS installed custom jumpers and pipe flange connections to bypass critical connection points and complete flow circuits that would have otherwise been disrupted by necessary plant operations. Per OEM specification, 100-micron mesh screens were installed at each jumper to catch debris and gauge the cleanliness levels of the systems. 

The plant’s existing oil was heated and thoroughly filtered to a 16/14/11 ISO Cleanliness Code.  This heated and filtered oil was returned to the reservoir and used to commence the high velocity flush. The initial flush screen pictures showed a high level of contamination containing metal shavings/flakes, dirt, sand, and other hard particulates. During each following inspection, the 100-micron mesh screens were removed and cleaned over filter material to see the contaminants visually.  The flushing continued until the 100-micron screen cleanliness reached OEM specifications. The system was then drained, and the piping was restored.

330 gallons of new oil was purified to EOM cleanliness specifications and returned to the tank. AIS offers a full line of lubricants, fuels, additives and solutions.

Freshly purified oil

Freshly purified oil

In conclusion, AIS successfully flushed all necessary lines to remove any particulate contamination, and the plant returned to operation.